Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Love LA! Part 2

LA is so full of fabulous that one post could not contain I give you part two!

First of all, who doesn't love Native Foods? Definitely the best chain restaurant in the world, in my opinion. This is the Soul Bowl (pic stolen from with steamed greens, BBQ sauce, ranch, and fried chick'un on a bed of 'jazzman' (jasmine) rice, served with a slab o' cornbread. Yum! The fried chick'un was brilliant, and I'm a sucker for any kind of corn bread. It is also worth mentioning that my dad happily proclaimed that his Portobello-Sausage burger was "the best fake meat sort of thing" that he'd ever eaten. High praise from a self-called carnivore!

Finally, my aunt, a longtime vegetarian and sometimes vegan, treated us to dinner at her favorite place. The Spot in Hermosa Beach is allegedly the oldest vegetarian restaurant on the West Coast. I don't know how factual this is, but whether or not it's the oldest, it certainly is a hidden gem. I got pasta with the restaurant's famous savory sauce, which is sort of like a vegan alfredo. It was delicious and the tempeh on the pasta (kind of hidden in the picture) was so yummy! It was almost curried, but it went surprisingly well with the creamy sauce.

Anyway, that concludes my LA vegan eats. I'll be back tomorrow with some food closer to home :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Love LA! Part 1

About a month ago I ventured out west to the great and magical state of California to visit family. While there, I indulged in A LOT of vegan vittles. LA is known for it vegan-friendliness, and I wanted to see if the rumors were true. Big surprise, they were. :)

First, we went to the quintessential vegan fast food joint, Veggie Grill. Actually, we went there twice, because it was really close to where we were staying and we loved it so much. The first photo is of the VG Cheeseburger with sweet potato fries, which is what I got the first time we went. I swear, it tasted like a Big Mac or something! Or maybe not, since I haven't been to McDonald's since I was like four, but it's at least what I imagine a Big Mac would taste like. Haha. The second picture is of the kids' meal I got the second time (I'm very mature). I got the Mac n' Cheez with quinoa pasta and sweet potato fries again (which were killer). I thought it was adorable how the kids' meal came with Newman-Os. May I also reminisce about the chocolate chip cookies there? Chewy and soft and heavenly good.

Next on my list was Doomie's, where we went after a long day at Universal Studios. Full disclosure, I admit that I totally stole this photo from, since Doomie's is super dark inside and I couldn't get a good picture. But this was some really, really good pot roast. Legitimately. Like, go get some now. And I also loved the faux-chicken soup I got to go along with it. So good! The atmosphere of Doomie's isn't my fave (a little dark and grungy for my taste), but they can make some darn good food! 

Anyway, check back tomorrow for Part Deux of my LA adventure! 

Back Again, Better Than Ever!

My my, have I been slacking or what? Almost four months? I am super sorry. I am back in action though, as it's summer and the burdens of school have been lifted, thank the powers that be! Anyway, ever wonder about that birthday party? Quite a cliffhanger I left you with, huh? Well, it was pretty great! Here is a pic of the cake, as promised:

Not the cutest, I know. I was in a bit of a hurry. But in case you can't tell there's a Quidditch match happening on top, so I hope that makes up for any ugliness. The food went over really well and most of my friends ate it in spite of its vegan-ness. I was very proud! Anyway, glad to be blogging again! I've got a lot to share :)