Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29, 2010

I know, super boring for a first post. But healthy...and pretty yummy. But who doesn't love a good old bagel once in a while? Oh, something you ought to know about me: I'm a carb-o-holic. I'm obsessed with bread. It makes me happy (but always whole wheat, might I add!) Also, in case you're wondering about the  little plastic containers, I don't do plastic bags. I am a treehugger. What can I say? Anyway, here's today's lunch. By the way, a bento box from Laptop Lunches is possibly on its way for Christmas if "Santa" decides to get me one. So stay tuned; I am hoping my lunches will look prettier in the not-so-distant future.

PS: In case you haven't noticed, we're a little upside-down-y right now, so if any smart, tech-oriented person could help me figure out how to solve this problem I will be forever indebted. I will bake you vegan cookies.

Organic green bell pepper, dark chocolate cocoa dusted almonds, 100% whole wheat pretzel sticks, Craisins, and a 100% whole wheat bagel with almond butter


Hey guys! Welcome to Veggie Lunch Madness! I'm super excited to be writing this blog. As a high school student and new vegan, I understand how hard it can be to find nutritious, veg options in school cafeterias that seem to serve only greasy meat and potatoes lunches. So I'm here to help. Inspired by my friends over at Vegan Lunchbox, whose blog I worship, I have decided to blog about my meals as a high school student to help you guys get fantabulous ideas for delicious school day noms. I hope you have fun times browsing my blog.

Lots of Love,
Your Veggie Friend :)