Saturday, May 28, 2011

Please follow me...says the sad puppy :(

That's right. This little puppy beseeches you to follow me. You see, he is very sad that I only have one follower, and he desperately wants to know if people actually read this blog. Whaddya say, readers? Make this little guy happy?

Product Review: Coco

Oh my gosh, have you guys tried these things? They're like my new favorite food in the world. Every morning for the past two weeks I've had two of these with peanut butter. Basically, they're like giant Pop Chips. Think popped pita bread, if that's possible.
I saw them at Whole Foods one day and I was really curious, so I bought some. I really don't know what I planned to do if they sucked, but that didn't happen, so it's cool. Anyway, from what I can gather they're made fresh daily at WF in what looks like some kind of giant popcorn popper. So cute, right? They're 100% whole grain (wootz), but the only downside is that they only have 16 calories a pop (punny me...). Now for some of you who are on diets or what have you, that's awesome. But as a teeny tiny person who needs to gain weight so I get on the growth charts, it's kind of a downer. This doesn't discourage me, though. I just eat about 1000 a day and smear them with PB. I'd say it's a win-win. :) 

Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm Back, and I come bearing a Green Smoothie!

Hey, guys! I know, you're all judging me because I've been away for over a month, and that makes me a bad kid, right? Well, we all make mistakes. But I hope I can make that better with a green smoothie that is THE BOMB DOT COM! I woke up super sick this morning, which is actually why I have time to write this post. Anyway, I wanted something substantial but I didn't really feel like solid food. And thus began the adventure of my first green smoothie. I didn't follow a recipe; I just kind of made it up as I went along. I ended up adding almond milk, frozen mangoes, a Good Belly probiotic shot, and several leaves of romaine lettuce all together, and then I pureed them in my blender. It was so yummy and refreshing. Being sick, I didn't take a photo, but instead opted to steal one of the internets. But I promise, it looked just like this!