Monday, January 23, 2012

Cleveland for the Win!

Remember how I was worried I wouldn't find anything to eat in Cleveland? Well, how wrong was I! Right around the corner from my hotel was the delightful little Flaming Ice Cube Cafe. With an abundant menu of veganized cafe fare, there was a fish to suit even the most carnivorous palate. My parents, who are not vegetarian, ordered the Mediterranean panini, which they were both incredibly impressed with. They also enjoyed the special, a Russian cabbage soup, which we all shared. Our waitresses were helpful and ever so sweet and brought us out samples of their delightfully-named Bodacious Black Bean chili, which I would definitely order next time. As for me, I went with the Italian panini, with faux pepperoni, salami, turkey, and mozzarella as well as Italian dressing all pressed on ciabatta. 

My sammich!

It was, in a word, amazing-without a doubt one of the best sandwiches with 'meat' I've had since going veg about two years ago. I also enjoyed the side of the day, a potato salad with white and sweet potatoes. The sweet potatoes added a really interesting flavor to the picnic standby. And, last but not least, you absolutely must not leave the Flaming Ice Cube without ordering one of their massive cupcakes. I had the Peanut Butter Cup variety while my mom indulged in Cookies and Cream, and I think she would attest that those cupcakes were akin to a religious experience. Definitely the best I've ever had, vegan or otherwise. The other element that cannot be overemphasized was the hospitality of the staff, who took the time to talk to us and make us feel welcome. From now on, a trip to Cleveland will not be complete without a visit to the Flaming Ice Cube!

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