Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Laptop Lunch Has Arrived!

That's right, finally, after two years of cajoling, 'Santa' gave in and paid the $40 for a Laptop Lunch. I am super psyched. The first couple are a bit boring, but I'm looking forward to getting more creative as the year goes on. My goal is to never pack exactly the same thing twice. Basically they're just lunches at this point, though, so I have few witty comments. Just pretty pictures. So, without further ado, I give you Lunches, Days 1 and 2!
This little feller was a tried and true school lunch classic and the perfect way to break in the new bento: romaine lettuce with homemade vegan ranch dressing (dressing in the baby container), Newman's Organics Protein Pretzels (is that fancy or what?!), PB& J on whole wheat, baby carrots

Day 2 and going strong: Wheat Thins Tuscan Herb flatbreads; baby carrots; whole wheat rollups with roasted garlic hummus, sauteed red and yellow peppers, and romaine lettuce, and unsweetened apple sauce with cinnamon


  1. That is adorable! Love day two the best.

  2. Awesome! I love bento box lunches!!

  3. Wow! Now I need a laptop lunch. Your lunches are beautiful.

  4. Thank you much, guys! They sure were yummy :)