Monday, January 3, 2011


I have been dying forever to go to a Loving Hut. I've heard all about them from friends who live in real cities, and since becoming vegetarian it has been my ambition to find one. So one day, my mom and I were on our way to Trader Joe's and took a different route than usual, and THERE IT WAS. Loving Hut! I forced my mom to eat there with me. We weren't disappointed.

The restaurant itself was sort of odd. Complete silence and pictures of famous vegetarians all over the walls. The TVs were all set to "Supreme Master TV," which I assume is linked to Supreme Master Ching Hai, who started Loving Hut. My mom commented that it was slightly like brainwashing.Oh well. We were undeterred. We stepped up to the counter. We both decided to order veggie sloppy Joes, served with corn chips and cole slaw. The girl behind the counter was incredibly sweet and gave us each two free spring rolls, which were phenomenal. 
Our food was magnificent. I was too hungry to take pictures, but take my word for it, the sandwich looked, smelled, and even tasted exactly like a real sloppy Joe. Even my hardcore omni mom concurred. The cole slaw was also phenomenal. I would certainly return to the Hut in a heartbeat, odd environment and all. 

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