Friday, April 22, 2011

Blog changes and such

Howdy friends! As I'm sure you've noticed (if you possess any powers of observation whatsoever) that my blog title/url has changed! It was only fitting, since my old blog title (Vegetarian Lunch Madness) really has nothing to do with what my blog has evolved to become. My blog has grown beyond lunches, so I truly felt a new title was in order. So, I present to you...VEGAN NERDERY! Being a vegan who is a nerd, I thought this title fit me quite well. And just for grins and's a picture of me!

Aren't you jealous? Not only because of my ravishing good looks, but because that is in fact me at Harry Potter: The Exhibition in New York City. Anyone who knows me knows that Harry Potter is my life. Big nerd confession: I write fanfic. Harry/Hermione all the way, suckas! I don't care if it's not cannon; in my mind, it's what happened and don't anyone tell me different!

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