Monday, April 11, 2011

Review Time: Kate's Joint

Here I go with NYC Restaurant Review #2--Kate' Joint!

Oh, Kate's, how I love thee. I'd been hearing about Kate's on the internets for a super long time, so I thought I better check it out while I was in NY to see what all the fuss was about. And now I know. Sadly, we were there on a Sunday at lunchtime, so only brunch was being served, meaning that he menu was really limited. Usually, Kate's has an epic menu reminiscent of your average New York diner, but on the day we visited there  were only about ten options. However, I was super happy with what I picked. I ended up going with the VEGAN apple-walnut pancakes, although I waffled (slight pun intended) between those and he vegan eggs Benedict for a while. The 'rents decided to go with the non-vegan bennies(with eggs instead of tofu), so I went with the pancakes. And man, am I glad I did. Those little buggers were crazy amounts of awesome! There were three cakes on my plate all about the size of my head. No joke. The pancakes themselves weren't too sweet, but they were light and fluffy. They also had little walnut bites hidden up in there which made them all the more delicious and decadent. The sweetness came from the nom-worthy carmelized apples hanging out on top of the pancakes. Oh. My. God. Go to Kate's. Right now. And GET SOME FRIGGIN' APPLE WALNUT PANCAKES!

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